New Company? Here’s How To Register

If you are thinking of starting up a new company this spring, you might be excited at the prospect of getting away from your old life and starting something new which is just for you. A business can be a great thing to have and it will often give people a whole new lease of life. If you have already begun to start up your business, you will need to get it registered so that you can start up your new life right away.

Do you need LTD?

The first decision you need to make when registering a business is the type of business you will use. A limited company has a lot of advantages over other type of company you could create, and this is why a limited company does tend to be the first choice for many. If you do choose this type of company you will have a lot of protection for your shareholders, you will have protection against liabilities, and you will also have full control over yourself and the way things are run.

Create a great name

The name of your company is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make during your time registering the brand. Your company name will set the tone for who you are and will likely garner opinions about your business right from the off. For example let’s say we have two different flooring companies: one is called floors2you, and the other is called sycamore floors. Which one would you rather go with? Sycamore is much more classy, elegant and sounds like better quality right away. This is why your company name is hugely important. Make sure you check in the government company register such as Companies House in the U.K. to check if your name is taken.

Get the details together

When you come to register your business there will of course be certain information you have to provide. Most of the time if you are already registered with the government you’ll need your CRN- which you can find here: where can i find my CRN. Once you have this you will need the following information to continue with your application:

A registered office address

Details of the share capital

Company director

Shareholder details

All of this information is incredibly important and you will also need to get the information action such as hair colour, eye colour, age, height and more from your shareholders so that the government can feel confident in identifying them when necessary.

Add it to the database

Once you have registered your company by sending over your information, you will need to register it on Companies House or the equivalent in your country. This will allow your company name to be added to the database and will pre met any new ventures being able to use the same name as you. This will provide you with protection for your brand and allow you to be totally unique in the market.


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