Netpix: Stranger Things

We sift through the Netflix ocean, so you don’t have to…

Review Rating:  8/10 *

Staring: Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp

Genre: Sci-Fi

When to watch: When you want an excuse to cuddle up to your significant other

Plot synopsis:

Now if you are reading this, the chances are that you’ve heard of the show already but you are still looking for a reason to dive in and start enjoying. Let me assure you now that this stylised 80s Sci-fi series is every bit as good as you’ve heard and probably a bit better.

When chokers and Fila began to make a comeback I pretty much decided that I had had enough of nostalgia and all things “Throwback” related. That was of course until I came across Stranger Things. The show manages to bring back memories of classics like The Goonies and ET and the mystery and darkness of the more modern Donnie Darko all into one neatly packaged 8 episode series.

Without giving away too much, aside from the epic visuals the show tells the tale of a group of young boys who encounter some strange goings on in their sleepy little town. As things unravel they gain friends, gain enemies and learn what their friendship is really about.



In addition to the nostalgia and excellent visuals, Stranger Things has done the impossible and made Winona Ryder relevant again as well as created the best soundtrack of 2016. When it comes to negatives, the only problem with becoming obsessed with a new series on Netflix, is that once you’ve binged season 1, you’ve got a long wait to see what happens next. Fingers crossed they turn around season 2 of Stranger Things quicker than they did Marco Polo.

* Netpix rating system

0 = Starring Jack Black
1 = Didn’t get past the first 30minutes of the film.
2 = Did not finish the film it was that bad
3 = That is time I will never get back
4 = Piss poor
5 = Good for killing some time with
6 = Good film
7 = Great Film
8 = A future classic
9 = A classic
10 = One of the greatest films of all time


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