Netpix: Hercules

We sift through the Netflix ocean, so you don’t have to…

Rating:  4 /10 *

Staring: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Ingrid Bolso Berdal

Genre: Action

When to watch: After you’ve attended your local “Dwayne Johnson Appreciation Society” meeting.

Plot synopsis:

You probably think you already know the plot for this one, however Hollywood has chosen to take liberties with what should have been a good ol’ Greek mythology film. So instead of the Demi-God, taking on the tasks that he is famous for, he is depicted as a Robin Hood-cum-mercenary travelling with his merry band of men (including his nephew). Hercules and his team are hired to help train the army of the King of Thrace, so that they can defend themselves against an approaching threat. This is where things start to get interesting and Hercules troubled past is revealed n a bit more detail.

I’ve always believed that any film with Dwayne Johnson was worth watching, he’s a natural successor to the action hero throne. Amiable, funny and built like a brick shit house. Unfortunately as much as we love The Rock and his action hero persona, it’s hard to enjoy even his performance due to his implausible hair and stick on beard. Oh well, at least we Fast and Furious 7 to look forward to.


* Netpix rating system

0 = Starring Jack Black
1 = Didn’t get past the first 30minutes of the film.
2 = Did not finish the film it was that bad
3 = That is time I will never get back
4 = Piss poor
5 = Good for killing some time with
6 = Good film
7 = Great Film
8 = A future classic
9 = A classic
10 = One of the greatest films of all time


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