Nearly 25% Men Admit to Rape in Asia

A statistic that beggars belief. Firstly, and most obviously, because rape is an inherently abhorrent concept. Secondly, because if 23 per cent of men in the Asia Pacific area feel ready to admit it, imagine how many guilty others are keeping their mouths shut…

As reported by the BBC, according to a UN report that surveyed eight different countries, nearly a quarter of men in Asia have admitted to raping at least one person.

The study, which comes after a time when the world has been forced to evaluate their theories about rape (Rick Santorum and New Delhi gang rapes) aimed to look into the rapist’s mindset. As we all know, before solution comes understanding, as harrowing and unpleasant as that understanding might be.

The study found that rape was most common within relationships, calling to attention the ugly idea that once a woman has said yes once, she cannot then rescind her permission.

UN report finds nearly quarter men admit rape in Asia

One in 10 of the men surveyed, however, admitted to raping a woman that was not already their partner.

The trick, it seems, to get men to answer more honestly questions about rape, is to leave the word “rape” out of the equation. An extraordinary volume of men who would baulk at the word “rape, would admit to “forcing someone into sexual acts they didn’t want to take part in” or “having sex with someone who was too drunk to know what was happening.”

What this demonstrates, presumably, is a lack of education about what is or is not acceptable sexual behaviour and what, at the worst end of this spectrum, constitutes rape.

Either way, though, it is fairly horrifying that more of the people surveyed didn’t feel some instinctual sense of right and wrong.

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