NBA Donates Sales of Jason Collins’ Jersey to LGBT Groups

Well this is quite refreshing isn’t it…

First we’ve got Jason Collins of the Brooklyn Nets coming out, and being the first NBA player, actually the first major league player in any mainstream American sport, to do so in a public forum, as of April last year. Excellent news, it was about bloody time.

Jason Collins NBA Gay jersey

Then, we start to see floods of support from celebs and other sportsmen alike, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Very nice.

Then, as you might have expected, other major league sportsmen are imbued with the confidence to make similar declarations, such as NFL player Michael Sam.

Obviously more support. Good.

Then the bloggers, hop on the bandwagon and the satire gets in full swing, such as this Should Gay Athletes Be Allowed to turn All Other Athletes Gay’ post by Nicole Mullen.

One of the greatest trends, though, in this sequence of events, has been the growing display of solidarity from more unexpected directions.

All the way from Dallas, Texas folks…


And now the NBA has pledged to donate the profits from the sale of Jason Collins’ jersey, and apparently it’s pretty darn popular, to LGBT groups. Could be a publicity stunt, but who really cares, so long as it’s contributing to a wave of changing attitudes. Cool guys. Cool.


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