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Music: DJ Blacksmif turns Pharrell into a Space Elevator

Best of the Bootlegs!

DJ, producer and all round beat-architect Blacksmif is back once again – releasing his ‘Space Elevator’ mix of man-of-the-moment Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy.’ With Pharrell’s album also dropping this week, this is a cleverly timed little output. Not just a pretty face that Blacksmif eh…

The mix is a killer (in a good way, you won’t actually die) with the jazzy-garagey slant that is fast becoming Blacksmif’s trademark, adding weight to the claims that the young South Londoner is not far in succession to the King of R’n’B-Pop Bootlegs throne. A coveted position, you’ll all agree.

Anyway, check it out at your own peril…kidding again, you really won’t die…



Have a listen to some of Blacksmif’s other bootleg mixes (including my personal favourite – the one of Desiny’s Child – ‘Bugaboo’) below:


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