Monumental Ways You Can Grow Your Business

There is nothing quite like it. Having an idea for a product or service that you genuinely feel you can pursue with passion. Turning that one idea into a business that you work hard on by putting the hours and time, not to mention the investment. You see your business grow from just you, your laptop and phone into a successful small business, and it is definitely something to be proud of. But what next?

Of course, many people are happy keeping things small and successful, but often, you want to look at some of the other ways you can expand your business. This, after all, is something you potentially created out of nothing, why wouldn’t you want to see it go as far as it can do? With that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the monumental ways you can grow your business successfully.

Consider different marketing techniques

Marketing is always going to be something that you need to work hard at. After all, you may find that your business is in an industry that is quite saturated. You may find that you need to think outside of the box when it comes to how your market your business, so where could your efforts be best served? Here are some of the marketing options to focus your time in.

Using social media to grow your audience

Everything seems to be taking an online focus these days, and with more people personally using social media to share their lives and communicate, this is where a business can make groundbreaking improvements. A business profile needs to be consistent, across all of your social media platforms. It needs to be recognisable with your logo and branding, but you also need to consider the type of content you share on each. The content needs to be consistent, but it also needs to be engaging. Encouraging new and old customers to like and share content, comment even. For example, 70% of people check their facebook feeds everyday. Enabling your audience to share and in order for it to grow, your content and persona online needs to be attractive. Having a schedule and strategy in place for this can help you significantly.

Getting involved in the local community

It is always a good idea to place some of your efforts within your local community. More people are loving the idea of shopping local and helping out businesses in their area, and this can be a huge market for you. Get involved in local events, sponsor charities and be supportive within the community. This type of marketing doesn’t cost much, but could provide significant sway with new customers.

Having a plan, strategy and schedule

As mentioned briefly earlier, for any type of advertising or marketing opportunity, it is important for you to have a plan and an initiative in place to ensure that you know what you are doing and when. This can help you stay on track and also analyse the market to ensure you are making the most of the opportunities you have available.

Consider some of the ways you can transport products

It is just as important for businesses to consider expanding their markets and customer base. Of course, focusing on your local community is one thing, but there is a big wide world out there and some of the other areas globally may want to benefit from what you have to offer. This is when focusing on expansion away from the country you reside in could be a monumental way to build and grow your business. Here are some of the options to consider.

By sea

One of the biggest areas of shipping worldwide to this day is by sea freight, this is when large containers are transported by ships all over the world. This is when things like Shipping from US to Singapore or getting things from one side of the world to another is actually very viable. Of course, there is an element of time to this, and shipping by sea can take a number of weeks to reach its destination, but for larger quantities of stock it could prove very useful.

By air

For smaller shipments or a speedier transport option the air freight could be the one option to consider. Enabling you to get boxes of items from one airport to another in a matter of hours or days at the most, depending on the location. This can often be a faster route to consider.

Having distributors

Another less explored option is to consider having distributors in different countries. This can work in your favour as, of course, shipping is something to think about, but then you can allow a distributor to handle sales and transportation from that point onwards. Thankfully there is more information online about this sort of method of business.

Cost saving ways you can advertise your business

Advertising and marketing to the masses can be quite costly, especially if you are looking for high impact options to get the sales into your business. However, there are other areas to explore that enables you to think a little different about your advertising opportunities. Here are some of the other ways you can gain exposure for a smaller price.

Work Technology Office Computer Business Internet

Using social influencers

We have already discussed that social media is a big opportunity for businesses to market their products and services, but there are also people online on social media platforms that have huge followings for other reasons. They may have a lifestyle blog that millions read, they may have an instagram account with a highly engaged audience. These things can be used in your favour by enabling a social influencer to advertise your products by discussing it or reviewing it to their already established audience.

Having an affiliates program

Much like a social influencer would, having an affiliates program enables people with already established audiences to advertise your products and services with a link directly through to your site. Often, all that is needed is a commission to the person who hosted the link. This can then help you to increase sales as you gain a whole new set of customers.

Word of mouth

One huge way to advertise your business and costs you nothing at all is through people singing the praises of your products, your services and your business in general. While it isn’t easy to generate this sort of advertising, what you can do is ensure that every customer or client gets the very best service. They receive products on time, they are happy with them, you have given good customer service and kept them informed. All these things matter, and in a market where a consumer often has a choice of where to buy things, it is highly important. Having a customer then tell anyone who will listen about their experience can generate more sales for you and all you did was your job.

Expanding your business empire

Finally, there are other ways to expand your business empire. While, of course, gaining more sales and customers is highly important, how can you deal with the new demand if you haven’t considered the other functionalities of your business. Here are some of the other ways to expand your business.

Obtaining a business premises

Right now working wherever you can from your laptop and smartphone might suit you, but as demand picks up for your services and products, you may need to consider a business premises instead. This is where you could have a shop front, a showroom, or just a place of business to host meetings and deal with customers face to face. Your premises is an extension of you, so ensure that it is neatly presented and suits the requirements of your business.

Holding more stock

If you are hoping to increase demand and sales, then it is also important that you can keep up with the sales generated. That might mean increasing your stock intake to ensure that you can meet the new demand you have generated. A storage facility doesn’t cost much to run, or you can even create a prefab building near where you work. As long as you can keep the stock safe and secure, you could help to increase your business empire further.

Taking your business seriously with branding and digital focus

Finally, growing your business means that you need to seriously think about your digital presence and take things seriously. Of course, using social media will help develop your internet presence, but if your website isn’t up to scratch or you don’t make a good first impression with your branding, then a potential customer has a choice to use someone else. This is when you may want to enlist the help of a digital agency to help build your website and manage things effectively. This enables you to put your focus on where your strengths are.

I hope that some of these options help you to consider all of the monumental ways you can grow your business in today’s society.


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