Money Makes the World Go Round – And Buys A Lot of Trainers

Payday is HAPPENING. Forget saving up for a sweet set of wheels, who needs a car when you can cruise around town in new kicks…. yeah. 

It’s been tough, it’s been draining, it’s been emotional, but you can stop bothering the poor folk on the end of the suicide hotline. You’ve survived what feels like the eternally long period between your Pre-Christmas paycheck and the January one. The most anticipated payday of the year. Every year, without fail. On the way you’ve had to tackle present buying for the other half, family arguments on boxing day and an impossibly expensive and disappointing NYE, only to be met in 2014 by friends attempting Dryathalons (yes, us neither) and an empty wallet.

The good news is, the wait is over. The BACS has cleared and once again you can live the life of a weekend millionaire. Now just in case you haven’t been folding the corners over of every lookbook and catalogue you’ve come across in the last six weeks, we’ve put together our perfect payday purchases that will have you two-stepping your way towards spring.

1. New Balance – Three Peaks Pack

New Balance have been around for a while as a running shoe, but more and more they are making an impact in the fashion stakes amongst the hippest of the hip. With their 576ENP ‘Snowdon’, ‘Scafell’ and ‘Ben Nevis’ colourways (a shout out to the three peaks challenge), they manage to find the perfect blend between running practicality and classic styling.


Available at Togs & Clogs.

2. Black Star (Talib Kweli & Mos Def) Gig at The Forum – March 29

One for the true hip hop fans, not the Lex Luger shoulder shrugging zombies that inhabit the country’s finest under 18 raves. Perhaps better known in some corners for their solo work and conscientious hip hop lyrics, but their shared project: Black Star, born in the 90s, is not be brushed aside. With support from legendary New York DJ J Rocc and the UK’s Mr Thing, the night looks guaranteed to keep your head bopping like a bobble head on a joy ride.


Tickets and info HERE.

3. Dinner at The Bull (Holborn)

A little steak heaven found just off the beaten path. The Bull easily holds up against the big names in the steak game – such as Hawksmoor and Gaucho, but in addition, it adds a touch of intimacy and warmth. Not to be overshadowed by red-meataholics main courses, their sides and starters are also something to write home about. I’ll have mine medium rare thanks.

The Bull Holborn XWHY Magazine

P.s., if you’re lucky, the delightfully charming hostess Ruth might be there to recommend you a fine Malbec to wash it all down with.

Book THE BULL now.

4. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

A bottle of Jack, but not as you know it. At the risk of alienating Bourbon purists (we’re unsure if that’s an oxymoron or not), arguably the most recognisable whiskey brand in the UK, Jack Daniels recently launched their first flavoured whiskey.

Despite the name, it is not too sweet and has a smooth finish to it, perhaps making it a more attractive prospect for those that are not typically whiskey drinkers and an easy drop to drink straight for those still trying to acclimatise. We like it, don’t judge us, everyone’s a winner as long as we’re all drinking, right?!



5. Adidas Stan Smiths (Consortium Collection)

Rebirths of classics are a risky business. Will the new generation appreciate it’s iconic status? Will the past generation reject the forced nostalgia? Well, Adidas took the pretty low-risk strategy of re-launching one of their best known shoes… The Adidas Stan Smith.

The Consortium pack of the Stan Smiths come in four distinct motifs that are a subtle modification of the original plain white leather design. Like these Animal kingdom inspired Snake skin uppers .


Shop the Stan Smith Consortium Collection.

6. NIKE Tiempo XX Pack

1994 saw the launch of the Eurostar, the National Lottery and a Soccer cup tournament in America. Nike also created the Tiempo football boot which was a pacesetter for premium football boots and worn by some of the era’s great players. such as Maldini, Bebeto and Romario. Fast forward 20 years and they are now celebrating this seminal piece of footwear by releasing their Tiempo XX Pack, including the new Tiempo legend V and Tiempo ‘94.

Nike Tiempo XWHY Magazine Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 21.53.49

Crafted using premium alegria K-Leather in the original black and white Tiempo colourway, there are only 500 pairs of this limited edition pack have been produced and is available now from

7. Marshall Artist M-90 Camo Raincoat

London brand Marshall Artist have recently released their S/S ’14 range, which includes these delightful lightweight raincoats. They come in Olive and Grey, with both having a printed camo on the outer shell.  A bit pessimistic having raincoats in your Spring/Summer collection you might think, but then again this is the UK. Chances are Kent will flood again mid-June. The modern tailoring mixed with contemporary designs make these an absolute delight to wear and pleasure to be seen in.

Marshall Artist XWHY

Get your Marshall Artist Camo coats HERE.


Words: Michael Thomas


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