Mojito Madness with Dems & Friends

Dan, Duncan & Dave aka Dems, are a trio blessed with facial hair and sparkling wit in abundance, but despite this they’ve managed to avoid careers in beard modelling  or stand up comedy and instead formed the Electro-Indie (that’s how we’re describing it anyway) band to help them charm their way into our hearts. Dems have been performing across the UK and recording in the studio for sometime now and 2015 has finally seen them release their anticipated debut album Muscle Memory, to great reviews earlier this year. Along the way they have picked up many fans along the way including Azealia Banks who asked the band to support her at Brixton Academy in 2014.

Our interview with Dems happened to coincide with a little delivery from our friends at Havana Club and a fantastic summers day, perfect for a refreshing cocktail or two. So we thought what better time to head over to a quiet little rooftop in London, to make some authentic Cuban mojitos and mayhem with the boys from Dems. The mojito making virgins, took to it like ducks to water and soon enough we were having fun in the sun, with a Cuban vibe…

So we’re here on a rooftop in South London making mojitos. But if you could chose, what would be your ideal Mojito drinking location?

The ideal Mojito drinking location would be all three of us on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury headlining Saturday night, Havana mojitos in hand.

Have you guys had much practice when it comes to making mojitos?

No this is our first one! We normally drink beer and gin in the studio.


So how did you guys initially get together?

We all met up after university having heard each other on the radio in our separate projects and then met up through mutual friends and started making music together.

Where did the name Dems come from? Surely Dee Dee Dee or D cubed was the sensible choice?

Ha! No, I’m not sure to be honest. Dems was the name Dan came up with at the beginning of the project. It became the glue that kept us coming back together to plug things in and make sound with them, and for that reason it became important.

Oh my god, how about TrippleDDD? do you like that one? 

No. Were not garage enough for that name…

How would you describe your sound?

Garage.. No honestly.. we find that very hard to do.. and if we did it would put critics out of a job. So we’ll leave it to them.

If you could make your debut album Muscle Memory the soundtrack for a movie, what kind of movie would it be? 

I’ve actually always wanted to make this movie, about a person that looses their memories and then has to try and slot back into their life just through the use of muscle memory. So they just let their body do what it wants and through letting it move how it wants to move and go where it wants to go the memories of the past come back to them. Its got blockbuster written all over it.

How would you say your sound should best be appreciated?

I always love listening to it when moving. Maybe looking out the window of a long coach journey in a land you’re not quite sure about as the sun is rising.

What’s the hardest thing about being in the music industry?

The word industry is the trick here, the music bit is easy, trying to make any money from the industry is a fucker.


Other than music, if you could be stupidly successful in one area of life, what would you chose?

Cooking would be great. I’d love to be good at cooking.

Based on your music I would say you were a group of guys very much in touch with their feelings. Have you always been willing to be as open with your emotions in your song-writing ?

No I think its easier to be open with your own feelings when you challenge yourself to write a piece of music. In normal life it can be hard to give yourself the time to feel everything. But a blank piece of paper can be as revealing as looking at yourself in a mirror, when the aim is to look back inside yourself.

You have an impressive back catalogue of artistic music videos. Do you feel that the videos are an extension of the tracks in way? How do the two complement each other?

Yes we make sure that everything we do ties together conceptually and aesthetically. Video is such a wonderful medium, especially when teamed up with audio. After listening to a newly finished track its often very easy to come up with its video counterpart that helps convey the idea.


For those new to Dems, which one video would you recommend them watching?

The videos for ‘Desire’ and ‘Never Have Never Will’ are our favourites and we often perform with them projected on stage with us for that reason. They are special to us for the people involved in them also.

How long will we have to wait for the second album? have you begun writing tracks already?

The second album is coming together now. We have a whole bunch of tracks already, its now the case of working out which ones are going to work well together in the broader picture of the album. We will be shooting the cover artwork for it ourselves next week too.

You’ve worked with several other acts for collaborations and remixes over the last year but Who would you chose to collaborate with/remix if there were no obstacles in your way?

Bjork would be wonderful. I think we have a crossover of the fact that we like working across media, Light / sound / video, I’m sure that we could make something magical.


Keeping a band together could be compared to having a happy marriage, so what’s keeps you guys together?

We’re all very easy going, we don’t really have arguments… so that helps.

Where can we see you next? 

We’ll be headlining the Lost Festival on August 22nd!

If you’d like to learn how to make your own Mojitos, then check this video out…

or if you’re feeling lazy then get someone else to make them for you by visiting one of the certified London bars for Havana Mojitos HERE

Quickfire Questions

Favourite accent?


Dark rum or light rum?


Meat or alcohol?


Jeremy Corbyn or Donald Trump?

Jeremy Corbyn! He’s great!!

Franco Manca or Honest Burger?

Honest Burger

Caps or Shorts?

I want to say caps..but I got too hot just thinking about a life in trousers. Shorts

Mayo or BBQ Sauce?

Mayo. BBQ sauce can drop off the face of the earth for all I care.


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