Modern Marketing Methods To Transport Your Business Into 2018

Are you still relying on old marketing methods? Here are a few modern forms of marketing that could help to transport your business into 2018.

Video marketing

There was a time when only big businesses could afford video advertising. But now the TV isn’t the only platform for video content – the internet has made it possible for anyone to get involved in video marketing. This could involve paying a company such as Spark Media Video Production to create a professional advert. Alternatively, you could buy your own camera and microphone and try a bit of vlogging. This could include create business advice videos or walkthroughs of your product.

Social media influence

Many companies are now realising the potential of social media for attracting new clientele. Whilst you can set up your own social media pages and promote your company this way, there’s also the more impactful method of social media influence. This involves paying a influential social media figure with lots of followers to help promote your company. There are specialist companies out there such as WhoSay that can help pair you with influencers.

Search engine optimisation

Commonly referred to as SEO, search engine optimisation is a way of increasing your rankings and clickworthiness on search engines such as Google. SEO companies can make sure that when a keyword is entered, your company comes up near the top of the search listings and not on page 10. There are lots of SEO companies out there such as Dimmock Web Marketing that can handle this for you. Alternatively, you can use services such as Google Adwords to do your own DIY SEO.

App development

You may have a website, but do you have your own app? Now that more people have smartphones, apps are becoming more useful marketing tools. An app could be as creative as you want. It could be a digital loyalty card or a digital catalogue or digital restaurant menu. There are lots of companies out there that can help develop apps for you. Developing an app isn’t something you can do yourself unless you have programming knowledge and even then you may want the help of other people to make the task less time consuming. As with SEO, you can also pay for ASO (app search optimisation) to make your app easier to find on the marketplace.

Positive reviews

Companies have relied on reviews for decades but in the digital age they’ve taken on even more significance. On top of reviews from professionals, there are now services like Trip Advisor which allow everyday customers to have their say. You can take charge of your public reputation by encouraging every happy customer to leave a review and responding appropriately to negative reviews. Highlight positive reviews on your website in a testimonials section. Meanwhile, you can encourage professional reviews by doing your own PR and contacting publications. Blogs and vlogs can have a lot of influence and can be worth contacting for reviews too.


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