MOBSTR: Sex, Drugs and WTF?!

XWHY heads down to the opening of street artist MOBSTR’s first indoor showcase and it was…well, it was something.

MOBSTR is a street artist.

In a Banksy world, street art has come to be associated with a particular level of irony.


And the irony of bringing street art, a practice that is in its nature a form of rebellion and establishment-flouting, indoors, within the confines of a traditional, mainstream showcase, is so ripe that it almost doesn’t bear referencing.

But it seems that we’re now post-Banksy, or is it post-post-Banksy, at this point? We’re not sure.

So when it comes to the MOBSTR exhibition, we’re weren’t confident about through how many lenses of meta we were supposed to be looking.

At what point does the irony end and the art begin?

Is the spectator in on the joke or it’s all a laugh at our expense?

photo 1 (1) photo 2

Either way, it certainly gave us something to think about. And thinking is usually quite a good thing, so that’s certainly a plus.

It seems that we were the only ones, however, suffering from this sort of mind boggling. For the whole exhibition was nearly sold out on opening night.

Shoreditch bought into the thing that we couldn’t quite figure out hook, line and sinker.

photo 5photo 3

Our favourite piece was probably the large installation room, with the man hunched over his writing desk. In part, of course, because we egits spent a whole five minutes thinking the man was real and trying to creep up on him very quietly.

Head down to the Old Truman Brewery, Drays Walk, E1, lickety split if you want to go and figure out all of the things that we’re still musing on, though, because May 20 is the final day of the exhibition.



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