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Mitchel Galvin – Introducing Mr ‘Nicce’

XWHY catches up with Founder of NICCE London: Mitchel Galvin-Farnol, to discuss being a natural business man, his love of Will Smith and his simple yet effective way of selling ice to eskimos.

Starting any kind of business is not an easy thing to do, but with the way that the fashion industry is leaning towards “throwaway style” and trends that last less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea, those brave enough to start a new label are faced with a million different challenges.

Single minded Mitchel Galvin-Farnol, however, jumped in head first when he founded NICCE in 2013 and has not looked back since.

NICCE Clothing


It easy to see that NICCE London takes a certain amount of influence from EDM cultural hot spots such as Ibiza and Berlin, but its heart lies in East London. As a wildly passionate music fan, Mitchel has taken it upon himself to spread the NICCE brand throughout the EDM scene. And artists including Sampha, Delilah, Jessie Ware, SBTRKT and Ben Pearce have been seen sporting the trademark clean, “no-fuss” designs and NICCE logo and have helped the brand go from strength to strength since it’s inception.

After the recent release of the anticipated SS14 collection, featuring bold slogan tees, motif sets and one-piece swimsuits for girls, we took some time out to pick the brain of the founder of the latest streetwear brand set to take the capital (and the rest of the world) by storm.

NICCE Clothing xwhy magazine

Ella Eyre in NICCE London

When did your interest in fashion start?

My interest in fashion had always been there, but mainly after I’d done my first season in Ibiza. The island and its people, especially those who work there, have a really cool style. It’s hard not to be affected by it.

How did NICCE all get started?

It all came from not being able to find the clean products we wanted on the market. It actually took about three months to come up with the final concept, including the name and logo etc. Then, we started endorsing DJs and everyone seemed to like it. It just grew from there.

There seems to be a bit of a 90s revival in fashion currently. What do you think comes next?

That’s an easy one… NICCE. It already works well for the laid-back grunge style of the 90’s and as we go on it will just continually develop.

If you had to pick, what would you say was your one timeless fashion item?

Difficult this, there are a few to chose from but I would have to say my hand made Oak Street shoes.

Mitchel NICCE Clothing LONDON

What outfit could we typically find you wearing on a casual stroll through East London?

Would be my Docs ( Dr. Martens), my Edwin 88 Jeans, my Monokel Barstow shades and a clean, long-sleeved Nicce tee .

Other than your own, what’s your favourite brand at the moment?

Brooklyn We Go Hard and Monokel Eyewear.

How easy is it for independent brands to make it big now? And do they need big outlets help in order to do it?

No not at all. We have concentrated on social media and photography specifically as that has helped us massively get the brand positioned the way we wanted it ,whilst talking to the right people via our social platforms. It only took us 4 months to go from a one man team to three men -without any help from retailers.

NICCE clothing


How do you handle the stress of running your own business?

I don’t really find it that stressful to be honest. We have a good team, all being long term friends, so everyone gets along and just gets on with it.

“How would you sell ice to an Eskimo?”

I’d hand him a warm gin and tonic and leave him no option.

Do you have any advice for those looking to start a fashion label?

Outsource the time consuming jobs such as social media and PR – we owe a lot of our success to Bam Digital.

How did you go about getting these big music names wearing NICCE?

As we have done a few seasons over in Ibiza, we had a few contacts, but it was mainly finding them through friends or just heading straight to the label.

If money and access were no object, who would you get to model NICCE?

Cara Delvigne would always be the obvious choice, but if we could have anyone it would be the Fresh Prince!

Musically, who are your ones to watch for this year?

We’ve been endorsing Ella Eyre and I’m a big fan of hers. I know she will smash it this year! More underground would be Shacklo, great fan of his work.

What does your perfect festival entail?

Secret Garden Party meets Off Sonar, two of the best festivals I’ve ever been two.

What’s your East London hidden gem?

Rita’s on Mare St.

What’s the plan for the next 12 months?

Launch our women’s swimsuit/bodysuit range, get into Selfridges and make an impact globally

NICCE Clothing London XWHY Magazine

NICCE LONDON When Time Comes Tee £28


What Teenage Mutant Turtle would you get rid of?

Donatello – I hate purple.

Favourite Will Smith film?

No joke I love them all, still waiting for the Fresh prince of Bell Air movie!

What football team do you support?

The Gunners.

Kanye or Jay Z?

Jay Z

Air Max Ones or Air Max 90s?

100% air max ones

Ibiza or Berlin?

Ibiza for sure it has it all!!

 Who should we follow on twitter?

@niccelondon @monokeleyewear @bamdigitaluk

The Nicce S/S collection Part 1 is now available online at and selected Topman stores nationwide.


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