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Soulection – #145

My friend Tom works from home. This means he gets to wake up when he wants, work in his pants and listen to a lot of music. When I was talking to him about this series, he recommended I check out Soulection.

Soulection is a record label, creative collective of artists and a radio show that operates out of LA. The radio show series goes up on their Soundcloud account each week along with a whole host of tracks from the label.

The focus on the mixes is always on less established artists which means it is a great way to source new music that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard.

I have chosen to share show number 145 with you. At an hour long, it is a good taster of the Soulection sound. My fave new ones are Stwo’s ‘Liz’ and the moody ‘SloMoYo’ from Ian Ewing.

Listen to the Soundcloud mix here:

Track List:

1. Harco Pront – Trust 
2. Stwo – Liz
3. SO:HO – Hot Music
4. J Dilla – Think Twice
5. Samon Kawamura – You are the Only One
6. Q-Tip – Breathe And Stop (Instrumental)
7. ARP 101 – SLAM
8. Jay Simon – Faith
9. Feelin’ music – Lefto – Find Someone
10. J Dilla vs Brabe & Simba – Dreamy (Joe Kay’s Slowed 4am Edit)
11. Penthouse Penthouse – When It’s Hot
12. Sivey – a little help
13. Janet Jackson – Would You Mind (Rey Ruccio Refixxx)
14. Atu – Astrid’s Song
15. Alcordo – Window Seat
16. Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (starRo remix)
17. Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice ft. Drake (VESTIGE Remix)
18. Waajeed/Shigeto Waajeed – Make it Boom (Shigeto’s Dirty D Edit)
19. Mr. Carmack – Untitled
20. Rapael Saadiq – With Out You remix (J Dilla Remix)
21. Dwele – Dime For Your Thoughts
22. Soia – Obtaining (prod by MEZ)
23. Samuel Truth – Shere Khan
24. Pusha T – Numbers On The_Boards
25. Jay Dee – Microphone Master
26. Mr. Carmack – Untitled
27. AFTA-1 – Honey Dip
28. fLako – Honey Drips
29. Zebrahim – zizzle
30. Häzel – Turn The Lights Off
31. IanEwing – SloMoYo
32. Flying Lotus – Fall In Love (J Dilla Tribute)
33. Waldo – Burgundy Bible
34. Jelacee – wing chun.
35. Jelacee – hi lo.
36. J-Lah – Ooo Baby Baby
37. Sango – Vai Vai
38. Mr. Carmack – Noodling, with papi


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