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Missed Mixtapes #6

NTS Radio’s Dom Roarty provides XWHY with a series of Mixtapes that don’t deserve to be missed

My favourite radio show, without a doubt, is Radio 4’s “Desert Island Discs“. This show, which last year celebrated its 70th anniversary, is the perfect example of the power of attaching a story to music. I find music resonates with me differently if I’m reminded of something that has happened to me, or something I have read or have seen in a film. It adds visuals to the aural.

This might be why I enjoyed Test Pressing’s series, “Tokyo-to-Kissa” so much. Dr Rob made these mixes, one a month, in 2007 to document his first year living in Japan. With each episode, he provided a vignette, or a written snapshot, of life as an expat in Tokyo. These anecdotes are a treat to read for anyone with a remote interest in Japan’s culture and are the perfect accompaniment to the music.

I chose Tokyo-to-Kissa #10 to share with you because I love the reflective mood of the selection. In true balearic blogger style, there is unfortunately no tracklist. My favourite from the mix (found after much detective work) is a piece by Seigen Ono called Julia (which was commissioned for a Comme Des Garçons fashion show in 1994). You can listen to the track in isolation here: Julia Soundcloud.


Tokyo-to-Kissa #10

Story and mix here –

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