Missed Mixtapes – #5

NTS Radio’s Dom Roarty provides XWHY with a series of Mixtapes that don’t deserve to be missed

This month’s selection is a UK funky mix from DJ Champion. It features a lot of the earlier tracks which helped to develop the genre, before it made it to the mainstream.

Technically, this is very impressive. DJ Champion squeezes 35 tracks into just over an hour with ruthlessly quick and tight mixing.

It reminds me a lot of the early Night Slugs parties in 2009 and 2010, which is where I first heard a lot of these records – in sets from DJ BOK BOK and DJ Oneman.

My personal favourites from this mix are Crazy Cousin‘s euphoric “Do you mind” featuring Kyla (who can deny the power of those piano stabs!) and Lil Silva‘s “Pulse X vs Funky Flex”.


Champion’s Old Skool UKF Mix Part 1 by Champion on Mixcloud

WORDS: Dominic Roarty


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