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Missed Mixtapes #11 – Paul Pre

After the joyful timbre of last week’s Okayafrica mix, NTS Radio’s Dom Roarty is back with something very different from Paul Pre.

When I graduated university, I worked for a clothing label for about a year. I met a lot of great guys there who knew much more about music than I did.

It was in this place that I first heard of the new ‘beats’ scene, which came mainly out of LA, and I was getting very excited about people like Flying Lotus and Samiyam.

This mix by Germany’s Paul Pre was played in the office a lot. I can still remember the mixes and transitions between the tracks.

paul pre

Look out for Your Summer Song by Exile and Ole Woam by Brenk.

Paul Pre – tRUEradio x yesyesyall Mix by Paul Pre on Mixcloud

WORDS: Dominic Roarty


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