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Missed Mixtapes #10 – Okayafrica

As the world pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, the ‘Father of South Africa’, NTS Radio’s Dom Roarty has chosen a lovely mix of tracks from all over the African continent.

Mixtape #10 – Okayafrica No. 17

Number 10 comes from a series of mixtapes curated by Okayafrica, an online publication which represents the African cultural new wave. I chose the mixtape put together for them by the label/blog, Awesome Tapes from Africa.
There are just 11 tracks on the mix with each recorded from all over the continent. ATFA owner, Brian Shimkovitz, said he wanted to have tracks from all over and spanning a number of different decades.
okayafrica XWHY magazine
Look out for the lovely dual guitar parts on Nâ Hawa Doumbia’s offering from Mali and the backing singers on the “Xoox-yi” track from Senegal.

Listen to the mix below:



1. Ephrem Tamru “Ney Ney” Ethiopia
2. Nâ Hawa Doumbia “Dan Te Dinye La” Mali
3. Zagazougou “Zagadon” Ivory Coast
4. Issa Coulibaly “Lodjourato” Mali
5. Ahwach Souse Title Unknown (Side A excerpt) Morocco
7. Jagwa Music “Liwalo Na Liwe” Tanzania
8. Ndiogou Seck “Xoox-yi” Senegal
9. Issa Bagayogo “Lanaya” Mali
10. Foster Manganyi “Ndzi To Tiyisela” South Africa
11. Bola “Tivona Vonbubo” Ghana

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