Missed Mixtapes #1

Never has a generation been so technologically savvy and web present as ours. Anyone can download free software, free music, put out a mix and masquerade as a DJ to the world, or to the Midlands, as I did.

This, of course, means there is a whole horde of mixtapes on the Internet of all genres. So many, in fact, that you would never get through them even if you started listening from now until the end of time.

The aural diamonds are these days, more than than ever, harder to find in the rough. In this series, I make it my mission to share with you some life-affirming mixtapes that you may have missed.

No.1 – Time For Peace, by Otis

I first came across this mix on the ‘Nuts to Soup’ blog back in 2010 and I still regularly listen to it three years later. It is a beautiful collection of obscure soul and jazz records from the 1970s. Everything about it is perfect. From the opener by Purple Image (video below) to the sample of a Martin Luther King speech at the end. It’s a journey.

Time for contemplation. Time for Peace.

If you like what you heard, Otis co-hosts a radio show called ‘Pipe Down’ on Dalston’s finest station, NTSlive.

You can check out his show here – Pipe Down.

WORDS: Dom Roarty


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