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Mishka NYC – Fashion Vitamins

It’s dark, it’s rainy, it’s miserable. It’s about at this point, in the mid-Jan, post-Christmas slump that you need to start thinking of things to pep you up and stave off the Winter blues.

Colour. We need some colour. In the form of a bright print on a new shirt, a colour investment could be just the refreshment to replenish your fashion vitamins.

Mishka NYC’s floral and plaid designs are the ticket. If you’re daring, stick two fingers up to the drabness and dullery currently threatening to consume the city and sport something violet on your upper half. If you’re still keen to try something bright, but your enthusiasm runs just shy of out-and-out extroversion, throw a varsity jacket over one of their patterned shirts and you’re winning.

Mishka NYC Picture 6[1] Picture 8[1]

Pieces are available for purchase at their ONLINE STORE

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