Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 26.05.14

XWHY’s Mike strings together some sick tunes to soundtrack your bank holiday…

Bank holidays are a bit of a fucker, actually. Especially if it’s pissing it down.

The thrill of a three day weekend usually means massively overdoing it on Friday and Saturday (and often Thursday too, anticipation is a bit much for some people), which leaves you hanging out of your arse, feeling like you’d rather stick a fork in your own eyeball than leave the sofa.

The post-alcohol slump, coupled with rain and a massive sense of foreboding about the five days of work you now have to cram into what remains of your week, is enough to send you back to bed with some paracetamol and a very bad attitude.

Well, buck up folks. This week’s playlist will either make you feel much better, or much, much worse. It’s your game, you make the rules.

Having seen Prides live at SXSW in Texas, we can attest to the fact that that they put on a bloody good show – even if it’s raining and all their electrical equipment self-combusts mid set.

Australian The Preatures sound like they’re right out of the seventies with this melodic, guitar-led track. If it’s not an ode to a summer of hallucinogens, we don’t know what is.

XWHY Monday Playlist Brood Prides Young Money


Never Gonna Change – Broods

The Seeds You Sow – Prides

Better Than It Ever Could Be – The Preatures

Dress Up – School of Language

Doves – Future Islands

Call Me Up – The Child of Lov

Do You Know Where Your Children Are – Michael Jackson

Trophies – Young Money, Drake

100 – Iggy Azalea, WatchTheDuck

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