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Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 12.05.14

XWHY’s Mike Thomas does all the boring (really fun) research so you don’t have to. For your audio pleasure…

Soooo, Damon Albarn is kicking around again, with a little solo output called Everyday Robots. ‘Lonely Press Play’ is the second single from the an album that is chock full of new creations (except one song about an Elephant, that’s apparently a bit older). Check out the guerrilla-style video below.

Prolific Swede Erik Hassle is featuring again, only this time he’s paired up with gorgeous up-and-coming American R&B singer Tinashe. The result is a mix of bassy hip-hop with an everso slightly big-band sounding horn and drums.

Royal Blood‘s ‘Little Monster’ is a fairly self-conscious pastiche of a Muse/Foo Fighter’s track, but we like it all the same. It’s sharp, it’s got a good refrain, it’s catchy. No complaints.

Le1F – or Khalif Diouf, as his mum knows him – is an American rapper and producer with a touch of weird genius about him. And it is weird. Don’t believe us, have a listen to ‘Boom’. If that’s not enough, the video takes place in a futuristic diner-turned-nightclub and involves a lot of ketchup. Weird.

Spotify playlist XWHY magazine


Lonely Press Play – Damon Albarn

Call You Out – Juce

Innocence Lost – Erik Hassle, Tinashe

I Won – Future Kanye West

Pale Shadows – Laura Groves

Little Monster – Royal Blood

Boom – Le1f

Skin – Rae Morris

What We Are – The Garden

Webbie Flow (We Like) – Isaiah Rashad

Listen to the full Spotify playlist here:

Or listen to the soundcloud mix here:


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