Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 25.11.13

Beats. Beats. & Beats some more.

From the slow ebb and flow of XO man’s reverberating bass, to Flume’s rhythmic snare effects, right through to the poppy, retro dance-floor riff in ‘Here with You’ – this week Mike is inviting you on a beat-iful journey. Pop on the dancing clogs, turn off the lights and take a turn of the room.

We’re particularly loving the Ben Pearce Redlight remix. He takes a stand-up pop-garage track and turns it into a very interesting, much darker bit of house. The kind of thing you’d be happy to still be bopping to at six am in a basement club.

Tom Vek is still hovering around somewhere. The relative recluse divides his time between giving indie lovers musical orgasms and going totally AWOL. Despite being heralded by gushing music journos as the poster-boy of alternative music, his independence is sometimes so extreme he actually quits the biz altogether for a half decade at a time. You don’t get much more alternative than that, do you?

And, of course, Mike’s throwing down a few surprise entries towards the end. No Eminem this time though, some will be disappointed to hear…

Listen to Mike’s Soundcloud Mix here:

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