Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 03.02.14

XWHY’s Michael Thomas starts your week off right by curating some of the best new music going…

So fresh and so clean, clean. It’s already month two of 2014. Dry (why?!) January is finally over and all your friends can come out to play again.

Kick start a month of much more fun with ‘Hey Jane’ by Mike Golden and Friends. Guitars and jazz meets hip-hop. A bluesy, funk-laden break up song that’ll have you kicking over the nearest dustbin and strutting out of the door like it’s a mission statement.

Continuing the hip-hop-motivation theme with J. Cole and ‘Land of the Snakes’. With lyrics like “I came out the womb with my d*ck hard” to put some fire in your swagger.

As ever, Mike is eclectic in his tastes and segues quickly into the synthy, electro-sounds of Odesza with ‘IPlayYouListen’. Not such a new release, this one first came out back in September 2012. A nod to better climes, this one’s full of summer festival nostalgia.

So, Lars Von Trier has a new project. Surely you won’t have missed the trailers for Nymphomaniac – they’re pretty unavoidable. Gratuitous nudity and “high-art” porn aside, the film has spawned some interesting musical happenings too. Like this Beck-produced rendition of the Hendrix-made-famous ‘Hey Joe’. Breathy (obviously), quite characteristically Beck, have a listen and tell us what you think…

XWHY Monday spotify playlist


Hey Jane – Mike Golden and Friends (Ft. Vic Mensa & Donnie Trumpet)

Land of the Snakes – J. Cole

IPlayYouListen – Odesza

All I Need – Daniel Avery

Romance Dawn – Radkey

Trust Me…I’m a Genius – The Family Rain

Long Road – Jake Isaac

Soul Reprise – Dave.i.d

Brain – Banks

Hey Joe – Charlotte Gainsbourg

Listen to the full Spotify playlist here:

Or listen to the soundcloud mix here:


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