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Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist – 03.03.14

Post-Payday tunes to get you back into the working week

If you’re anything like us XWHY lot – weekends all tend to dissolve into a mess of eat, sleep, rave, hangover, cheesy chips, repeat. We don’t do a great line in pacing ourselves. We imagine the post payday weekend will have taken on an even more extreme version of this cycle for many of you.

With that in mind, some slightly more mellow tunes to start this first week of March. Your extended hangover isn’t about to get a gutpunch.

Liverpool born, gorgeous-faced Jetta first strutted into our consciousness with her affecting underground track ‘Start a Riot’.


She’s back with a new single ‘Feels Like Coming Home’ from the Start a Riot EP. She’ll be playing this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, which XWHY’s Mike is heading over for, so let’s hope he comes back with some fun Jetta stories.

XWHY recently popped down to see new friends July Child do a haunting and frankly quite magical cover of Le Youth’s ‘Cool’ at their Soho gig. As well as making us like July Child even more, it’s renewed our lust for producer Le Youth tracks – so, in the absence of something brand new, Mike’s stuck an extended mix of ‘Dance With Me’ on there, to get bums wriggling in their seats.

Years & Years is an odd band, fronted by scrawny wee ex-Skins actor Olly Alexander. We haven’t much rated their older stuff – but this recent track ‘Real’ has got some inexplicable power behind it. Listen to it a couple of times, and you’ll soon have it on repeat all day. Perhaps it’s the strong, stomping beat…maybe it’s the compulsive dancing in the video, or maybe the lyrics are particularly perceptive. Who knows, but it works.

Just in case you were any danger of nodding off at your desk, Mike’s ended this week’s list with a bit of Roni Size. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

spotify playlist XWHY Magazine


Step – Vampire Weekend

Feels Like Coming Home – Jetta

Fault – XO

Dance With Me – Le Youth (Dominique Young Unique Extended Mix)

The Natural World – Cymbals

Peppermint – Julio Bashmore

Real – Year & Years

Return of a Queen – Dawn Richard

Music is Life – Elliphant, Ras Fraser Jr.

Running Cold – Swindle, Terry Walker (Roni Size Remix)

Listen to the full Spotify playlist here:

Or listen to the soundcloud mix here:


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