Master The Art Of Athleisure Fashion

If you have always loved nothing more than chilling out in your sweatpants, wearing a tracksuit to do your daily errands or whipping on a pair of sneakers to head outdoors, you’ll be over the moon with the resurgence of athleisure attire and the comfort it has to offer. A-listers like Kanye West and Gigi Hadid adore mixing up their sportswear and utilizing it in a more fashion conscious way. The emergence of athleisure allowed those individuals who have always adored their Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Ellesse clothing to not simply have to wear their label of choice down to the gym for a cardio session. With a more fashion savvy vision these brands are now creating outfits and pieces to wear on the high street, take to fashion shows and show off on the catwalk.

It is not only the sportswear stalwarts who are embracing the athleisure phenomenon. Fashion labels from across the spectrum are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own athleisure creations. Take a look at how you can master the art of athleisure fashion and enjoy taking your sports fashion credentials to a whole new level.

Keep It Simple

As with any outfit you wear, keep the concept simple. You don’t need to mix up labels, colors and designs too much. Athleisure also doesn’t mean wearing every iota of sports attire that you can get your hands on in one outfit. You don’t need the sports bra, the vest top, the t-shirt, the Converse All Stars and the tracksuit bottoms all at once. Instead, whip on your classic pair of skinny jeans and couple this with a velour tracksuit top and a cap.

Adidas Original tracksuits are not made to be worn at the gym – they have been created as a homage to sports fashion of the past. You will often see people wearing their Beckenbauer Originals tracksuit top of choice with their black leggings and ballet pump shoes. Accessorizing and mixing and matching athleisure with other casual attire is the most effective way to draw attention to a classic piece.

Don’t Forget Your Coat

It isn’t just t-shirts and tracksuits that make up the athleisure market. Labels like Superdry are making a play for the athleisure market by bringing out a range of sportier jackets that tap into the athleisure psyche. They still emulate the classic Superdry brand, but they are less cumbersome and have more of a sporty cut. The essence of athleisure is comfort so don’t purchase tight fitting clothing if it will make you feel a tad self conscious. Baggier clothing is more than acceptable in the athleisure sphere.


Apart from clothing, the athleisure market is dominated by footwear. While this was once the realm of Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Gola to name but a few, there has been an explosion of new names venturing into the sneaker market. Axel, Sketchers and Mr.Hare are all staking a claim to this lucrative niche.

If you fancy revolutionizing your footwear, start with the basics and opt for a pair of Converse. The amount of different styles, designs and colors that the world of Converse encapsulates is mind blowing. You could select some personalized and unique high-tops direct from New York City, or you could opt for the more classic red low rise sneakers. Ensure that you pick a pair that are comfortable. The best Converse are those that have been worn in, look a little bit grubby and have seen miles of roads and sidewalks. If Converse aren’t sportswear enough, a pair of Reebok classics, Adidas Samba or Gola Bullets might be more your style. Every classic sneaker tends to look back to the 1970s and 1980s to inspire their new designs. If you love all things retro, your footwear could be the best attire in which to express your vintage flair.

For those individuals who fancy something a little different, why not take a look at the newer brands. Pointer creates preppy 1970s style college shoes that hark back to a cool era. Or why not try on a pair of Feiyue. This Chinese brand of sneaker has been around for ninety years, they are super cheap to buy and have grown in popularity in the United States over the past three or four years.

Athleisure fashion shows no signs of fading anytime soon. What was once thought of as a fad is definitely here to stay. With more fashion houses embracing the comfort, ethos and style of sportswear, now might be the time to venture into the world of athleisure.



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