Make More Time and Get Productive

What do you do when twenty four little hours just isn’t enough? For many of us, time is the limiting factor to our ambitions. You may be starting your own business or working on multiple projects. Somehow the to do list never gets smaller and making progress can be incredibly frustrating when you have big plans. How do you claw back some time to dedicate to a passion project? These small steps could help you reclaim a few hours- use them wisely.

Try Time Chunking

One of the simplest and most immediate steps you can take is to make sure you are chunking together similar groups of tasks. Taking the time to answer one email twenty times a day is far less efficient than dedicating 15 minutes to clearing down your inbox. The key is to focus on each task as you’re doing it, and not to get distracted by social media notifications and all the other attention drains that occur. Give it your all for a short burst of time, then stop and move onto the next thing. When you’re juggling multiple priorities, you need to get strict with boundaries. Don’t allow one task to bleed into another. Break tasks down into manageable steps and concentrate for short, intense sprints.

Delegate Whatever You Can

If there’s a bunch of never-ending life admin you have to tackle that’s stopping you investing time in what you need to focus on, considering finding ways to delegate or automate. From setting up a recurring grocery order with an online supermarket to finding a Local Contract Cleaning Company to keep your home or office sparkling, you have to weigh up what your time is actually worth to you. Are there family members who could help out? A few negotiating skills are sometimes all you need to buy you some time to invest in launching that project.

Get More Sleep

This may sound like the last thing you need when you’re short on time, but burning the candle at both ends can be hugely counter-productive. When we don’t get enough rest we become sluggish. Simple tasks take so much more time to finish while any kind of creative thinking goes out of the window. So it’s actually a matter of efficiency to make sure you get good quality sleep. Consider investing in a new mattress, having an electronics ban in the bedroom and using a lavender aromatherapy pillow spray if you have trouble drifting off.

Embrace ‘Good Enough’

We can spend a lot of time and energy aiming for perfection in what we do. But guess what? Perfect doesn’t exist, and some point it becomes a stalling mechanism, almost an excused that stops us from being exposed to failure. If you want to become truly productive, you must learn to let go of the perfection myth. Decide what is acceptable for you on any given task, and aim for that. It could be that the housework is 80%. Save the real fuel for when something is seriously important, and let everything else run along on ‘okay’. You’ll save massive amounts of mental energy and time that you can then put towards something worthwhile.


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