Lord Hurd: Dropping this ‘Ludicrous’ Feminism Stuff

Another Tory MP misses the point completely…

Apparently this feminism thing is getting a bit “ludicrous”, according to, yes, you guessed it, an elderly male peer.

Lord Hurd, who experienced his political hey day in the 18th century, has suggested that the “danger” of feminism is such that we waste too much of our energy focussing on equality, rather than on politics – because, of course, gender equality is about as far removed from politics as a spaceship is from a sunflower.

He went on to suggest that the reason we keep ending up with the Cameron types is due to the large number of “women who choose men”. Apparently, Britain’s women would rather have a “well spoken good looking chap from a public school” than the “man who drove the train” as our leader, said Hurd, in a bid to compensate for his more trivial statements.

By way of conclusion, Lord Hurd admitted it would probably better all round, in terms of dropping all this silly feminism and equality stuff, if we “had a lazy prime minister. It would be a very good thing.”

It’s probably about time we forgot about all this gay marriage nincompoopery too, don’t you think.

Well, thanks Lord Hurd, glad we cleared that up.

Lord Hurd XWHY Magazine


Lord Hurd – no time for women, or dentists, for that matter… 

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