Loo$e Change: Road To The East


We’ve just got done watching this incredible documentary starring professional snowboarders Sparrow Knox (English) and Niels Schack (French), by the name of ‘Loose Change’ and couldn’t wait to share it. The documentary was conceived out of a desire from both to return to their roots, whilst doing what they love. The cameras follow Knox and Schack as they spend 4 months travelling through Japan, India, Kazakhstan and Turkey snowboarding at every opportunity, including down park hills and through locals streets.

The film delves into the rich cultures of the East, visiting mosques, shrines and the great outdoors, whilst demonstrating the warmness and generosity of the local people that you can never get a grasp of from your typically polished travel show or guide book recommendations.

What makes this a special film special, is that it’s not just the awesome snowboarding action and tricks. It’s a real human piece, that focuses on the enjoyment and experiences of life. The random interactions,  relationships and fearless enjoyment of their surroundings,  makes you question why you’re not spending every spare moment trying to create a similar sense of freedom.

Loo$e Change : The Road To The East from Niels Schack on Vimeo.

Produced by Vans / Lobster / Burton



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