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London Undercover: Overhead Styling

It’s quite hard to get excited about the need for an umbrella…but if anyone can do it, it’s London Undercover

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but as I am sure you are well aware, the phrase “April Showers” didn’t spring out of thin air. Good weather in March, year in year out turns out, to be a false dawn, with plenty of winds and drizzle to come.

But as Brits, once we’ve opened the door of our spring wardrobe, we find it very difficult to go back to the wax jackets and waterproofs that are omnipresent during winter. Instead, our transitional Harringtons, Bombers and French Worker jackets are out in full force.

 London UndercoverAgi & Sam x London Undercover Check Mate Umbrella

Step forward London Undercover – this umbrella and menswear brand has stepped up to the plate, with a range of colourful and stylish brollies to add a bit of panache to any rainy day outfit. The perfect way for an urban dandy to stand out from the crowd.

London Undercover Tinie Tempah

London Undercover XWHY MagazineBritish Woodland City Gent Camouflage Umbrella.

You can check out the London undercover Umbrella range HERE


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