Keep Calm And Carry On: A Business With No Power

Quick, tell yourself what you would do in the event of a power failure, could you still open up for business? It’s not something that we give much thought because modern power grids and technology, as well as engineering brilliance, has made us aloof. We don’t expect power to be cut off to our business so why would you plan it? Some might say you would be wasting time, money and effort planning for something that’s never going to happen. Others would say don’t ever rely on the system to make sure you can keep paying your bills. So why don’t the majority of business owners ever take precautionary action against a sudden power failure? If you run a business that relies on computer technology how could you service your clients? How could you continue to sell your products and run your media campaigns on social media? It’s time to create several backup ideas to make sure you’re never left high and dry.

Keeping the necessities alive

No business can keep its doors open or production line flowing without utilities. The necessities of business are electric power, gas, water, lighting, and electrical distribution systems for things like ventilation and air conditioning. When systems that rely on these things are abruptly shut down, it can cause massive damage to your business and customer relations. In the event this happens you need a power source that is going to be able to power all parts of your business while having the endurance to do so perhaps for several days until power is fixed/. The best option is to look for diesel generators for sale. Since the power generator runs on fuel, you can keep it running for long hours and for several days. Inherently they are more fuel efficient than other generators that run on unleaded or gas. There’s also less risk of ignition if the fuel is spilled or if any leaks. They’re quiet and portable but you can have fixed options. They’re incredibly reliable and durable so hot or cold temperatures may vary but it will keep on ticking.

Restaurant gloominess

If your business is a fancy restaurant that prides itself on gourmet meals served to affluent guests in the late evening, the last thing you want is a power failure. From the outside, it’s going to look as if you’re not open because your sign can’t light up. On the inside people are going to be stirred and begin to get frustrated that they can’t see their meals or their dining partners. In case you don’t have a generator of some sort, do things the old-fashioned way instead. Have a box of bright-burning candles which means the wick is going to be thicker than normal. Put the candles in lanterns which can be set on the tables of your customers. It’s romantic to have candle holders but they can be a hazard in the dark as vision is already dampened and guests might hit their cutlery into them. So keep the flame contained and have them at the ready for as many tables as you set.

Keeping calm and carrying on as best you can when you lose power is the only sensible option. Don’t shut up shop if you can at all help it. Rely on a generator to bring back the utilities and if worse comes to worse, then use candles to keep your business open.



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