Jungle x Alpha Industries

Hardly a day goes without some musician or band announcing their foray into the fashion industry, and today folks is no different. This time however, rather than being a multimillion pound rapper or pop starlet making the announcement, it is XWHY office favourite Jungle that are making the bold leap, with a collaboration with iconic military brand Alpha Industries.

Another in a long line of tremendous acts to feature on the XL Recordings label, Jungle have been taking the world and airways by storm in the past 12 months. As part of that, a big part of their flawless live performances has been the ever present Jungle Bomber jacket that has been sported by “J” (or is it “T” hard to tell when they are so covert with their identities). Eye catching and as cool as the performances themselves, they had fan boys like myself whacking it on their christmas list before they even knew where they could get one!

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Based on the original Navy fighter pilot jacket, the limited edition Jungle MA1 bomber is as you would expect from an Alpha Industries product, expertly crafted, well fitted and durable. The mid-weight nylon is styled with an embroided gold Jungle logo on the back that sets it all off.

You can purchase yours over at www.junglejunglejungle.com and their single “The Heat” is released September 22nd.


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