Jameson Caskmates x Disappearing Dining Club

A famous man once said “a whiskey without a hint of stout is like a ship without a captain…” Actually that’s not true. I just made that up and I’m not sure it even makes sense. But, If the team at Jameson had ever heard that quote from me then I’m sure that it would have been the main inspiration for their Jameson Caskmates in the first place.

Jameson Caskmates were instead born out of a meeting of minds, who decided it would be a great idea to leave whiskey to distil in wooden casks that previously held stout, courtesy of a friendly local brewer.

Jameson Caskmates x A Night of Classic Pairs - 3

To celebrate the launch of this they’re teaming up with the Disappearing Dining Club, in Hoxton to put on an evening of food, booze and good music. On the 7th September  they are taking over Hoxton’s unique Geffrye Street Studios, where you’ll get to explore the distinctive flavours of this new whiskey. Retaining the triple-distilled smoothness of Jameson Original, Jameson Caskmates has added notes of coffee, cocoa, butterscotch and gentle hints of hops, having been aged in craft beer barrels.

As part of the experience, you’ll be guided through a unique, sensory Jameson Caskmates tasting, which includes creating your own Jameson Caskmates drinks (as well as getting to try other whiskey & beer cocktails), all whilst the creative wizards at Disappearing Dining Club serve up an incredible three course, ‘classic pairs’ feast. DJ pair Amp & Deck will also be on hand to soundtrack your evening.

Jameson Caskmates x A Night of Classic Pairs - 8

If you like great food, awesome drinks and even better whiskey, it’s a night not a night to be missed! A limited number of tickets (£20 for a pair) will be available from 1st September.

Jameson Caskmates x A Night of Classic Pairs - 7

Tickets Include:
•Jameson Caskmates Welcome Drink
•Three Course Dinner, with Jameson Caskmates*
•Jameson Caskmates Tasting Experience
•Mixology Masterclass
•Jameson Caskmates Bar Open to Purchase Drinks Until Close

Tickets can be bought HERE


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