It’s Payday…Treat Yo Self!: February


It’s that magical time of the month once again, when you are finally dragged from the depths of despair knowing that your monthly paycheck is about to hit your account. Now of course here at XWHY we are all about promoting financial responsibility, so we expect that you’ve already paid your rent, bills and all that other boring stuff and so it’s now time to…Treat yo self!

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Crep Protect – Crep Protect Cure £13.99

The Sneakerheads among you will all sympathise with having supposedly ruined a pair of your favourite kicks with a walk in a muddier than expected park. The below video from Crep protect takes that scenario to the extreme but also shows why you absolutely need this care kit in your life.

Le Fix x Baracuta

A collaboraton between Danish Streetwear kings Le Fix and the Iconic British brand Baracuta sees  a little twist put on some of their classic jackets such as Baracuta’s G9 Worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, James Bond, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra. A who’s who of stylishmen through the ages.


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Kevin Hart – The Irresponsible Tour, Sept 1&2

Kevin Hart is essentially that funny kid that we all had in school who no matter what he did was hilarious.  It didn’t matter if it was a french class, PE or Geography the laughs were there to be had at every opportunity. It’s because of this that I find myself routing for him at every opportunity because the class clown has made it to the big time and is now famous, in films and touring the world. Lucky for us this Autumn he’ll be coming to our shores for two dates that are sure to sell out.

Anyway, here is Kevin Drunk AF at this months SuperBowl swearing on live TV and then being stopped by security from trying to rush the the stage and be part of the Superbowl presentation…

It’s fair to say that the tour is aptly named.

Eat This

Pachamama, Marlybone

This Peruvian-inspired restaurant based in the heart of Marlybone is renown for it’s great atmosphere and even better food. Throw into the mix some of the best piscos in London and you are guaranteed a great time. Pachamama also has private dining rooms are also available so it’s also perfect for a special occasions.

Drink This

Red Leg Spiced Rum

There is nothing that makes me think of summer in these cold winter months than a spiced rum with some fresh lime squeezed in it.




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