Is Your Mindset Affecting Your Work?

Whether you work for yourself or for a company, your mindset can massively affect the quality of work you do, and how much you actually feel like getting done. If your mindset is off, then you can pretty much guarantee that not only your quality of work, but your life in general will suffer. Here we’ll talk more about mindset and how you can make sure it’s positively impacting your work!

What You Believe Affects What You Achieve

Your beliefs directly affect what you achieve. This is a proven fact. People who believe they aren’t capable of doing something will not do it, pure and simple. Take a look at some of the most hard working, successful people out there, past and present, from Tony Robbins to Henry Ford. You can guarantee that they believed in themselves enough to get to where they wanted to be. Henry Ford even said, ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.’ He wouldn’t take know for an answer and that’s where the famous Ford brand we all know and love today came from.

If you want to perform better in your work, simply changing what you believe can be a huge help. You may need to look back on your life and figure out where you picked up certain beliefs and eradicate them before you move forward. The following beliefs are examples of things that could be holding you back:

  • I’m not intelligent enough to get a good job/earn a lot of money.
  • People like me have to work very hard to earn a little money.
  • Money is hard to come by.
  • I’ll never be able to climb the corporate ladder.
  • I’m not the leader/boss type.


Your beliefs may vary depending on what sort of environment you grew up in, what you heard the people around you saying, and the beliefs that you’ve picked up over the years. Take a close look at them and see them for what they really are; limited perspectives that are stopping you from going after what you really want. By changing your thought patterns, repeating new mantras and affirmations, and even by using unusual techniques like CBT, you can change these beliefs – however firmly they are held in your subconscious.

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself About Your Work?

Hand in hand with your beliefs go the stories that you tell yourself about your work. We literally begin to live out the stories that we repeat to ourselves over and over again, so start paying close attention to these stories and figure out what you can replace them with.

Maybe you had a bad accident at work and you’re telling yourself that you can’t go back because of it. Looking at quittance work accident claims will help you to move the process forward, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go back. You may not want to go back, but that’s a different thing altogether. Maybe you think your colleagues don’t like you, that your boss is a jerk, or that what you’re offering simply isn’t valued enough anymore. Changing your perspective on whatever situation is troubling you can literally change your reality and open up an abundance of new opportunities. It isn’t magic; it’s science. When you tell yourself there are no opportunities, there won’t be for you. When you change your story and tell yourself that you can end up in the position of your dreams, you’ll notice more opportunities and begin to act like the person who takes these opportunities and achieves great things.

Cultivating A Growth Mindset

There are two types of people: those in a growth mindset, and those in a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is terrible, and can convince you that you have done all of the learning and growing you’re ever going to do. However, a growth mindset will help you to learn more, grow, and become the person at work you’ve always wanted to be.

To cultivate your growth mindset, read books, watch YouTube videos, and start getting out of your comfort zone. The following questions can help you to figure out where and who you want to be:

  • What is your why? – a strong why will get you out of bed in the morning.
  • Where are your blocks? – knowing what your blocks are is the first step to getting rid of them.
  • Where are you operating from? – are you operating from a place of lack or abundance? The latter is far more effective and will help you to achieve what you set out to do!

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