Is Your Employer Doing Enough For Your Safety?

Being a business owner  does come with a whole list of responsibilities, but one of the most important thing they should be ensuring is the safety of their employees. You, as an employee, are the reason that the company is working as it is. Without a hardworking team, the owner won’t have a business to run.  They should be trying to retain good staff, and one of the simplest ways to make employees want to be there, is to offer them a safe and happy environment to work in. On a business level, any safety improvements they can make will only be beneficial. Plus, a safe and happy work space will draw people in and inspire loyalty where an unsafe company would drive existing and new employees alike, out the door.

As an employee you have the right to work in a safe environment, but quite often companies don’t go further than the basics, and so you need to know what to look out for. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that the company isn’t providing enough, then you need to contact your line manager or HR director.

Depending on where you work and in what industry, there may be extra, or different health and safety regulations that your company has to abide by. So before your employer can even think about taking extra measures for their employees, they have to have the legal bases covered, or there won’t be a business and you won’t have a job at all. Once the bases are covered, consider the premises; what physical security measures have been taken to ensure your safety?

If your company operates overtime or carries stock, then your employer might consider hiring a security company. Security guards are great for large buildings where staff work late at night, and where there are large amounts of stock held. Having CCTV systems online should be a staple part of the building security.

No matter where you work, you are entitled to multiple fire exits – but not all governing bodies enforce the need for extinguishers and fire blankets within the premises, which is something that your employer should be looking into having regardless. Extinguishers need servicing each year to check that they are still in date, and still functional, and they should be dotted about where appropriate. Also your employer will also need to think about the type of extinguisher needed – the main types are CO2, foam and water. If your company deals with chemicals then you should have the ones that would be the most effective, and which would cause more trouble than help.


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