Introducing CRUZ By Vintage Electric Bikes: The Adventure Starts Here

If you’re decidedly hipster (for want of a better word) with some cash to burn, then California based Vintage Electric is probably your juiciest of wet dreams.

Specialising in high-performance electric bicycles, the company has moved on from their debut model – the E-Tracker – to their second product, CRUZ.

Built to last, aesthetically delightful and created with the sort of attention to detail that would rival a Seurat, these machines have been best described by the founders themselves as: “the kind of barn-find restoration pieces that gear-heads dream about discovering.”

These CRUZ models are currently industry leaders, with a top speed of 36 mph in race mode. What’s more, regenerative breaking and Shimano Alfine hydraulic disk brakes provide the rider with incredible control.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.43.06 PM

Finishing touches include a Brooks England Ltd leather saddle and grips (but of course)!

A 30 mile range and two hour recharge time, these are designed with adventure in mind.

The bad news, is they’ll set you back $4,995 – roughly £3,291 – a-piece, but the good news is your sex appeal will likely triple which is, arguably, worth a lot more.

For more information… or just to find out what the heck “regenerative breaking” and “race mode” actually mean in this particular instance, head on over to the Vintage Electric site.


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