Inspiring Careers for People Who Want to Help Others

When it comes to choosing what you want to do for a living, there are a whole host of different factors that are likely to affect your final decision. After all, we are all primarily motivated by different thing. Some of us are driven by money and societal concepts of success. These individuals are likely to start up their own small businesses, selling material products and services to the consumer market, and perhaps even becoming entrepreneurs. Others crave knowledge and pursue progress. These kinds of people are likely to enter academic and research roles in subjects such as the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. But for now, let’s focus on the best job types for individuals who just want to make the world a better place for themselves, their loved ones, and everyone else who is living within it. So, what kind of job titles should these people try to achieve? Well, the best place to start is jobs that help individuals across the whole of society, yet focus mostly on people who are in vulnerable or needy positions. If you’re an empathetic and caring individual, here are just a couple career paths for you to consider!


Politics deal with how the country you’re living in is governed. Politicians choose and define the laws and policies that have a profound impact on pretty much every aspect of all of our day to day lives. However, the individuals who have the most to gain from good policies are those at the bottom of the social ladder – the people who are struggling for homes, jobs, and a decent standard of living. The people who have fled other places who have poor living conditions and seek refuge within the safe borders that we have to offer. The marginalised groups who have experienced years of prejudice and discrimination. Politicians can change policy to ensure that all of these groups are protected and have a decent shot at upward movement. Nowadays, getting to know what politics are all about is easier than ever before. Politicians have Twitter feeds where you can engage with them, have Youtube channels – such as Michele Reagan Youtube Channel – where you can find out what their goals are and what their policies aim to change in the world, and frequently host talks.

Psychiatry or Counseling

In years gone by, mental health and mental illness were relatively taboo subjects. This was perhaps because we don’t entirely understand these topics yet and because they are not tangible or necessarily easily rectifiable. It’s not surprising that over the years, they have long been swept under the carpet and ignored. However, recent years have seen increased awareness surrounding various conditions that are actually a lot more common than you might have originally thought. This is brilliant, as it is increasing the demand for answers, treatments, and cures. You could become a part of this movement by training in psychiatry or mental health counselling. This will help you to understand mental disorders, spread awareness, actively aid individuals suffering from them or affected by them, and encourage acceptance and understanding.

These are just two career paths that could be viable options for individuals who want to improve the world. But there are plenty more out there! So, scour the job market and see what takes your interest!


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