How You Could Be Getting Fitter This January

If you went slightly overboard at the dinner table over the festive period then shredding that excess bit of fat is going to be number one on your list of things to do this year. The time has come to face up to your demons. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week, I’ll start next year. Well, tomorrow, next week and the new year have finally come all rolled into one. Let’s kick start this year off with a positive frame of mind and achieve that healthy body.

Time to face the facts

Are you putting unnecessary strain on the Casters of your swivel chair at work? Are the numbers on your bathroom scale starting to resemble your home phone number? It could be time to stop looking the other way and learn some hard truths. Difficult at first but completely worth your while. Your health is the most important aspect of your life, or at least it should. You don’t want to be eating yourself into an early grave. Being honest with yourself can also have extremely positive effects. If you’ve become obsessed with the way you look then it could be time to take a step back, breathe in deep and say you know what… I am healthy and I am happy. The sooner you start creating realistic healthy targets for yourself the better.


Deciding how your going to achieve the body of your dreams is a big choice. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different and you’ll have to find out what works best for you. When you start training you’ll soon discover that everyone has somehow become an expert in fitness. What works for them though may not be the magic formula for you. Some people decide to go heavy on the cardio. If your running on a treadmill for hours it can become boring and cumbersome. You’ll also stop burning calories the moment you stop running. High intensity interval training could be a much stronger option as your body still burns fat after training. Put the headphones in and start blasting the tunes and you’ll be skipping like a boxer in no time.


Weights aren’t just for the big muscle blind guys at the gym. They are a great way of toning up and trimming down. Don’t just lift the heaviest weight you can. You won’t be impressing anyone and you could be causing damage to your body. It’s much more impressive and beneficial to get the form and technique right when lifting. Time under tension is a great thing to remember. Lots of people believe that three or four sets with twelve reps is the best way forward. It is if your doing it right. Try complete a set within forty to sixty seconds. If your doing it quicker than that then it’s time to move up the weight or slow down the exercise.

So get down to that gym and show them what you’ve got. You’ll be a stronger, fitter healthier version of yourself after the very first session.


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