How To…Survive A Daily Commute…Sort Of

Let’s start by saying that if this title speaks to you literally, you need to quit your job. Or, you need to find a safer way to commute, jeez. No one’s journey to work kills them, but it does kill them. There is no doubt that a long bus ride or a cramped tube is as boring as it is unsanitary. So, from time to time, it can make us contemplate shuffling off this mortal coil a little early. However, don’t despair or do anything drastic because XWHY Magazine is here to help… in a sense. These are the tips that will kind of make a difference to your commute.



Drown Out The Noise has an amazing selection of headphones that you need to check out. Part of surviving a commute is getting over the thirty minutes to an hour of boredom that feels like a lifetime. Sadly, awkwardly looking around the carriage doesn’t cut it for this length of time, while you are sure to get a window seat to gaze out of the window. Plus, you want to drown out the incessant mumbling from fellow commuters who think it’s okay to talk. A bulky pair of headphone accompanied with loud music will do just that, as well as allow you to drift off into your own world.


Set Off Early


“What? Leave the house earlier in the morning than I need to?!” Okay, before you fly off the handle, just listen. The worst thing about a commute is sniffing a stranger’s smelly armpit for the duration of the journey. Or, you have those people who think it is fine to travel with suitcases in morning rush hour. What idiots! By setting off earlier, you can avoid the morning traffic and enjoy an armpit-free ride to work. And, turning up to the office early might convince the boss to give you that raise.


Fall In Love


Look, it isn’t all doom and gloom on the 7:30 am to boredom. After all, the good thing about travelling with other people is the strangers who catch your eye. You know? The ones you fall in love with and would consider leaving the family for in a heartbeat. Sure, the other half might not like the idea, but they don’t have to know. After all, there has to be some mystery in the relationship. So, don’t be afraid to fantasize the next time a pretty little thing is in your eye line. It beats reading.

Buy A Car


Yes, a car doesn’t make any sense when you live in a big city with excellent transport links. However, that is the financial side of things, not the social aspect. If you can’t stand getting on the bus every morning, there is nothing wrong with new wheels. In fact, the money will never make up for the happiness you receive by driving to work every day. Even if you get stuck in traffic, at least you are in a sanitised environment with zero strangers.


A commute is a drab affair anyway you look at it, but this advice will make it less dull.


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