How To: #GettingYourCareerIshTogether

Sometimes, life passes by at a rapid rate. When you get time to take stock, a question worth considering is “what happened.” One minute you’re a young twenty-year-old with no worries in the world, and now you’re growing up at an alarming rate. Aside from the personal side of life, there is the professional side to consider too. Life is long, so there is plenty of time to get your s**t in order. Still, it’s better to set up the foundations now and reap the rewards further down the line. The game may be the game, but you can game it with the right moves.

The Gary Coleman Theory

Usually, humans love to focus on the big things which seem to have a major impact on life. However, the Gary Coleman theory states that the small things matter. Look, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole “the universe has a plan for me” palaver. But, the truth is that something as small as ordering lunchbags can start a chain reaction. How is this possible? Well, getting your professional life in order begins at home. By organising lunches for the week, there is more time at your disposal for bigger jobs. Time is like money – no amount is too small.

The Seesaw Effect

Work and home are generally at odds with one another. As much as the majority of people would love to be in charge of their time, that pleasure is in the hands of your boss. Not great, but a job does provide a routine and give life meaning. The problem is when the scales begin to tip and the office takes over in terms of dominance. When this happens, relationships falter and it can feel as if your life only has one meaning. The seesaw effect is the process of keeping perspective. Work is important, but living in the moment outside the office is essential, too. When you realise this, things fall into place naturally.

The S Club 7 Hypothesis

S Club 7 was a group of young musicians that released pop hits. One of them was aptly titled “Reach for the Stars.” As far as career advice goes, this is some of the best you will hear today. No, scratch that – in your entire life. Working for the man isn’t enjoyable because there is no power or independence. Also, people are competitive and want to succeed. No matter where you are on the ladder, then, it’s always wise to have big dreams. They may not work out, but they’ll get you to a place that is more than acceptable.


Although you want everything now, it’s better to practice patience and wait. The spoils of war don’t come cheap, and plenty of young people aren’t ready for them. Only savants such as Zuckerberg are skilful enough to manage a multibillion-dollar company. And, he isn’t having the greatest time of it at the moment. Reach for the stars, save time, and find a perfect balance, but don’t peak too soon. Instead, sit and learn and then grab the opportunity when it appears.

What is your plan for career success?


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