How To Get A Job As An Airline Pilot

There are kids all over the world playing with toy planes, dreaming of becoming an airline pilot. A lot of people ditch those childhood career dreams when they get a bit older and start looking at something safer instead. But that’s no way to live your life. People might tell you that a childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot is unrealistic but somebody is flying all of those planes and there’s no reason that you couldn’t fly one too. Just be aware that it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to train as a pilot and it can cost you a lot of money as well. If you’re prepared to deal with that and you still want to pursue a career as an airline pilot, here’s everything you need to know.


Basic Requirements

There are certain basic requirements that all airline pilots must fulfill before they can even start training. You must be at least 18 years old, have good communication skills and, most importantly, have perfect vision. It’s also a bonus if you know a little about aviation already. If you meet all of those criteria, you can move onto training.



The first thing you’ll need to do if you meet the basic requirements to become an airline pilot is get the right qualifications. There are some airlines that don’t require you to have a degree beforehand but they’re few and far between. You stand a much better chance of finding a position if you get a degree from an aviation university first. Click to learn more about the best aviation universities in the country. The length of the degrees varies from 2 to 4 years depending on what is covered. Some will teach you about the engineering side of the aviation industry before moving on to the pilot qualification which takes longer but opens up more career opportunities further down the line. As well as a degree, you’ll also need to take a specific test with the airline before you can land a job as a pilot.


Flight Hours

Flying a commercial aircraft is a lot harder than flying a small private plane so you can’t progress straight to flying for a commercial airline. First, you’ll have to log flight hours in a private aircraft. That will teach you the basics of controlling an aircraft and all of the aircraft communications that you’ll need to know. There are some great private aircraft schools that offer courses designed for people training to pilot commercial aircraft. You’ll need 250 logged flight hours before you can progress to commercial aircraft.


Salary And Progression

Once you’ve got all of your flight hours logged and you’ve passed all of the tests you need, you can finally land that job as an airline pilot. A lot of airline pilots are paid an hourly rate so if you want to get a payrise, you just need to work more hours. There is a shortage of airline pilots at the moment so the hourly rate is very competitive.

If you follow all of these steps, you can get yourself a job as an airline pilot and travel the world make good money while you’re doing it.


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