3 ways tech is changing the world of Journalism

1. Verification of Stories

As we’ve seen over the last few years, social media and in particular Twitter can now provide people with an instant update and running commentary on newsworthy events. The problem that can arise with this however, is that we’ve begun to see that lazy or sloppy journalism can mean that these status updates can be taken directly from social media and become “legitimate” stories on trustworthy newsbrand sites until officially disproved. This raises the question of whether or not quality journalism can survive the growth of social media.

2. The Business of media

Revenue streams are key to the survival of any business and where traditional media houses had few but strong revenue streams, increasingly media owners are having to diversify into new fields in order to survive let alone thrive. Each different platform requires different skills in order deliver the quality needed to keep consumers interested. Does this mean that journalism is now for those that are jack of all trades? Able to create a string of 5 second videos on Snapchat as easily as they’re able to write an article on the goings on at LFW.

3. Data shaping headlines

In order to boost audiences and ensure that the content being delivered is desirable to consumers, media owners are increasingly using data to shape which stories the put out. This is potentially an explanation for why the mail online published on average over 13 articles a day on Kim Kardashian in 2015 and mashable have developed a tool that analyses shares and views of an article to accurately predicts which stories will “go viral“.


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