Hosting The Ultimate Gaming Night With Your Friends

If you’ve ended up here, it’s because you’re wondering how you can plan the most awesome gaming night with your friends. We’re not talking about Monopoly or Twister either – we’re talking about video games, of course! A night in playing video games with your friends can be an awesome bonding experience, a way to keep you off the streets, and is super fun. So, how can you set out to host the ultimate gaming night? Read on to learn more!


Comfortable Chairs

Ok, so, when you’re gaming you don’t want to be distracted by an uncomfortable seat. You’re going to need comfortable chairs. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and spend thousands on a couple of amazing gaming chairs (unless you have the cash, in which case, do it!!), you just need to think about seating beforehand. How many chairs will you need, and how will you make sure everybody is comfortable before you commence gaming? Make sure everybody has plenty of room and that you can all see the screen, too. It might be a simple case of using your dining chairs and making them more comfortable with pillows. Do what you have to do, just make sure the seating is prepared!


Have A Selection Of Games

Having a selection of games can keep the night engaging. You could, for example, allow each gamer to bring their own favorite game and take it in turns to play them, perhaps spending an hour or so on each one. This ensures there’s something for everyone, and your guests might just discover a new favorite. You don’t have to play solely on an expensive gaming system either. You could play Final Fantasy 15 on your phone or tablet if you want to try that. Just make it clear to everybody before the night starts of how you’re planning on conducting the evening so everyone is on the same page.


Have The Right Equipment On Hand

Will you need a few more controllers? How about headsets? Keep things you might need nearby.


Snacks, Snacks, And More Snacks

You don’t want to have to get up for snacks and drinks all the time. That interrupts valuable gaming time and can take you right out of the ‘zone’. So, make sure you have any snacks and drinks you might want on hand. Stock up your mini fridge if you have one. You could even pre-arrange for a pizza to be delivered from your favorite place.


Set An Intention For The Night

What do you want to accomplish this game’s night? Is there a specific level you want to get through, or do you all just want to try a bunch of new games to see what you like? By setting an intention for the night you can make it both fun and productive.

Your ideal gaming night might look a bit different to this. If it does, how will you arrange yours? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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