Hobbies From Home: Brilliant Reasons To Become a Blogger!

Hobbies are important, and are something that everyone should have. Having an activity that you enjoy can keep you productive, teach you new skills, improve your intelligence and help to keep a good balance between work and life. We all work long hours, and often it can feel as though all we do is work and sleep which is a bit of a miserable cycle. When you have something you genuinely enjoy doing it can allow you to have fun during your downtime and generally provides lots of benefits. The problem is some hobbies can be expensive or impractical- for example you might only be able to do them during certain times of the year or by travelling a long way first. But one hobby that’s free, convenient and fun is blogging! If you’re on the fence about getting started, here are some reasons why you should take the plunge.

You Can Be Creative and Learn a Lot

Blogging allows you to express your creativity, which can be incredibly useful if you work a job that limits your creative skills. You can write about any topic that interests you, as well as take pictures and play around with design such as your blog’s design and header. When you research the topics you’re writing on you gain a wider understanding and more knowledge of them. When you’re promoting blog posts you learn about social media marketing and networking, and how to build a readership. There are lots of tutorials online for beginners so you can teach yourself and gain lots of other skills in the process of writing your blog.

You Meet New People

One of the best things about any hobby is the social aspect. You automatically have one thing in common with everyone you meet through the hobby and it’s a great way to meet some lifelong friends. Just because blogging is done from home doesn’t mean there’s not an incredible social side to it. Bloggers are very friendly and there are various chats on social media that anyone can get involved in. There are also blogger events which are run regularly which you can attend, these can be anything from meets for food and drinks to formal events with demonstrations and activities.

It Can Lead To Incredible Opportunities

Blogging isn’t just a hobby if you stick with it it’s something that can earn you money too. It could be anything from a side income to your full-time job depending on luck and the amount of hard work you put in. Once you start earning money as a blogger, you will need to register as a sole trader and submit a tax return once a year. Companies like DFC Accountants make this easy, so you don’t have to be especially business minded to set it up and do well. In time, sponsors and advertisers will contact you about paid opportunities, so you could get paid for doing something you love.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have everything you need to set up a blog. It can be daunting at first, but there’s lots of information online which can guide you through the process.


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