Helping Your Small Store to Stand Out From the Crowd

Nowadays, advice for those running brick and mortar businesses seems to be running low. This isn’t all too surprising, as increasing numbers of small business owners tend to be favouring the realm of E-commerce. But not to worry! Tangible stores are still thriving when managed in the right way and we’re here to offer all the advice that you could possibly need to help your store stand out from the increasingly competitive crowd!

To Move or Not to Move

As more businesses take up an entirely online residency, more commercial properties are freeing up. So the question present in many small business owners’ minds becomes whether to stay put in their current commercial property, or to move to newly available ones. After all, location is everything! If you’re on the high street, you become immediately visible and will catch the eyes of increased numbers of passersby. This is by no means a decision to be made lightly and it will heavily depend on your store itself. Sometimes, a store will become available and the offer is too good to miss. Perhaps it’s going for a low price in an extremely high footfall area. However, If you have a loyal customer base, it may be worth communicating with them directly and gaining their individual opinions on the matter. Print out surveys that they can fill out when visiting the store. Include queries as to whether they’d be more or less likely to frequent your doors if you were in an alternative location. You could also make these digital and send them out to your mailing list for more immediate results. The results should give you a well informed answer as to whether to move or stay.

Signpost Your Store

Not all of us are lucky enough to have stores located directly on the high street or in easy to view areas. If this is the case with your company and you’re tucked away in a sidestreet, it’s always a good idea to signpost your store. This will ensure that people know you exist and where you are. Use something a little more sturdy than a laminated A4 sheet attached to a lampost with cable ties. Instead, craft a sign from corrugated flute sheets. This material is used by travel agencies for “for sale” and “to let signs”. It is weather resistant and printing on it won’t fade, meaning your sign will be around for as long as you need it. Take a look at the options available to you here:

Focus on Your Window Displays

Window displays can make all of the difference between people walking straight past your store or heading in, browsing your goods, and purchasing your wares or returning to purchase later. So make sure that they shine and truly stand out! If you don’t have an eye for design yourself, bring in a freelance merchandiser to add a touch of expertise!

These are relatively small steps to take, but they can make all of the difference to your profit margins. As the competition amongst tangible stores is on the rise, you’re really going to have to make an effort to thrive!


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