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Heisenberg? Blue Meth Fools Junkies

It was only a matter of time.

According to Kevin Abar of Homeland Security in America, certain suburbs of Albuquerque have started seeing the circulation of the methamphetamine drug in a dyed blue form, the trademark of Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman’s produce on the hit show Breaking Bad.

“We are we are seeing an increase in blue meth up in the Four Corners, and into the Farmington region. It’s actually being moved and pushed by various distributors,” says Abar.

In a shock turn of events (not really), the blue version of the meth product has been pretty popular, especially among the teenage population of these areas. It’s like they’ve seen the show or something…go figure.

Unfortunately for Breaking Bad enthusiasts though, the real on-the-streets blue meth is actually a weak, bad quality, contaminated version of the drug, rather than the fictional, expertly created Heisenberg product. Users of the dyed blue meth in Albuquerque have been left feeling sick(er than usual) and disappointed.

What a shame, maybe dreams don’t come true.

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