The dance music enigma FTSE is back! The genius that has previously bought us the delightfully moody St Tropez“, brings us his new single ‘Pork Chop’. His sound is ever-evolving, and as promised, it certainly is interesting; a weird and different “slice of thumping house” with a video to match.


‘Pork Chop’ is out now on Roller Blaster Records

“Pork Chop is more than just a tune, it’s state of mind… I had this beat and I knew it was special, it was basically a live MPC jam I made in half an hour but I couldn’t stop listening to it. One day I had it on and my step son said “You should call it Pork Chop” cus’ that’s what I call my daughter, and I thought it was both hilarious and brilliant… Then I had this image in my head of a character called Pork Chop, a guy with a pig’s head. it’s kinda half funny and half terrifying but I think people like that it’s weird and different.”– FTSE


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