Hear This: Brunetto ft Bearoid – Humanity

It is AFFKT‘s Sincopat imprint who has managed to convince Brunetto to break his musical silence since his highly acclaimed album “Sheroine” (Irregular, 2014).

Brunetto’s new single titled “Humanity” (feat. Bearoid), produced with special care and attention to detail, combines electronic music structures, pop hooks and brilliant soulful vocal melodies. A highly recommended gem for Moderat, SOHN, Beacon, The Acid, or James Blake junkies. Check it out, listen to this Barcelona-based multifaceted artist and his proposal full of cinematic atmospheres, mesmerizing beats and honest electronica.

Rounding out the pack, there are three incredible phat-remixes which bring the thought inducing sounds of Brunetto that much closer to the dancefloor.


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