Guest Post: Shopcade’s Top Men’s Trends for autumn 2014

As Autumn slaps us in the face, we wake up to the reality that our wardrobes are in need of a drastic update following a summer of florals, pastels and printed tees. Luckily for you Clothing App Shopcade are here with a little guidance in their first guest post for XWHY…

Although we’re all hitting the beach or heading on our holidays and loving the summer right now, in the back of our minds we’re starting to think about the autumn trends that will soon be in our wardrobes.

While there might be end of summer sales and bargains to excite us before then, it pays to know what you’re going to need to look great when the sun goes away and we’re left with falling leaves, wind, and a little rain.

Here are your top men’s trends to look out for this autumn.

Goodbye Camo, Hello Military Green

What was the surprising renaissance of camouflage prints that we’ve seen in recent seasons has finally died down.  Military and utilitarian style themes aren’t going anywhere though, and this autumn sees the patterned prints scaled back to plain military green styles.

Very much the colour of the season, you’ll be seeing military green taking over everything, from chinos to shirts to full length jackets, not forgetting the essential autumn/winter accessories like scarves and winter hats.



How we’re wearing it?  We’re matching subtly different tones and light green slacks with black military boots, finished with a darker piece of knitwear up top.



Feeling Loose

We’d have to travel a fair distance back along the fashion spectrum to find a time when we’d be encouraged to wear loose fitting clothes.  Even the more relaxed styles to emerge in recent years – we’re talking urban streetwear in particular – that have encouraged oversizing have maintained some sense of perspective.

Autumn 2014 for men, however, is throwing away everything you know about buying well-fitted togs, particularly when it comes to jackets.


Hazz Clothing

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and buy something in a different size to look fashionable, just be prepared for what you do buy to be cut very loosely and leave plenty of space around your body.

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Tailored Track Pants

This is possibly the style trend we’re secretly looking forward to most.  Track pants have historically been good for lazy days at home, trips to the gym, or for guys who have no idea about fashion and thought it was acceptable to head out wearing them.

What should you expect?



Look out for track pants with cuffed bottoms that are well cut and tapered – they’ll offer a great contrast to the loose style of jacket you’ll be wearing through the autumn and winter.  This is what we’re excited about; the prospect of heading out in track pants, boots, knitwear and a blazer, and looking brilliantly stylish while doing it!

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Rollneck Jumpers

When it comes to the most controversial style of the coming season, this is the clear winner.



Yes, the black roll neck is back in vogue for autumn 2014, and if there’s one positive it is that so many men will be wearing them that jokes about Cadbury’s Milk Tray are sure to get old rather quickly.

If you wear casualwear to work, then you might be able to steer clear of this trend, which is definitely one better suited to tailoring and businesswear.


American Apparel

Which autumn trends are you most looking forward to, or dreading?

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