Going Green In 2018 – The Simplest Solutions For Cutting Your Energy Use

Do you care about the environment? What are you really doing to help the planet? Maybe it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Sure, you might recycle and use eco-friendly toilet paper, but what about your energy usage? There are plenty of great solutions out there that will help reduce how much energy you use, something that’s not only good for the environment – but your finances too.

Ready to take on the challenge? Here are some quick and simple solutions to help you go green at home.

Stop using standby

Many people still think that using standby to turn off a TV or other appliance means that it is no longer using energy. Granted, you’re not using as much energy as you would if the appliance was being used – but the truth is that you are actually still using energy. Many people find that pulling the plugs on their electrical equipment can save energy, saving a significant amount on your utility bills.

Insulate your home

A cold home is an unhappy home, which is why so many of us use heating systems to stay warm. A home that is well insulated will retain heat much easier, meaning you won’t need to leave the heating on for as long or even use it at all. Check for drafts near your windows and doors that could be causing your home to feel colder than it should. You can make a lot of repairs around windows, doors and flooring using wood floor adhesive to help retain heat more effectively, lowering your overall energy use. It also doesn’t hurt to put on an extra layer or use a blanket when you’re feeling the chill.

Remember to turn your lights off

When you leave a room, turn the light off – it should be that simple. But for many, it seems, turning the light off is just too difficult to remember – resulting in a lot of energy being wasted each year. If you find it too difficult to remember or you’re a bit of a gadget geek, there are systems like Apple HomeKit that allow you to control your lighting, heating and other functions from your phone or computer – meaning you never have to leave a light on again.

Learn to keep your home cool

As well as finding ways to reduce your heating bill, you should also look for ways to keep your home cool without air conditioning. Simple things such as closing the curtains or blinds, installing ceiling fans and opening your windows can make a big difference to the temperature in your home. You may find that you don’t need the air conditioning at all after seeking other solutions!

While some of the solutions above might seem simple, they can actually make a lot of difference to the environment. If you’re feeling inspired to take your green efforts further, you might want to consider other ways to make your home eco-friendly. Whether you do a little or you do a lot, it all helps to make a difference. Do yourself and the environment a favour by going green in 2018.


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